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Beki - Owner

Paula - Catterick Manager


Comments from our Children

I had a ball and want to go back, the best thing was the football. - Callum, age 5

I love playing in the kitchen with the playdoh and tea set. - Lucy, age 9

This was the first time I'd flown a kite, it was really good. - Beth, age 10

I love playing soldiers and building dens. - Jack, age 9

Making muffins was fun, I made a blue one. - Chloe, age 6

Skipping was really good, I got really tired. - Chelsea, age 7

I was second in the sandcastle building competition. - Rhys, age 6

Join Us

I pride myself on providing flexible childcare, I adopt the same policy with staff. If you are interested in joining our team, or gaining work experience, please use the Contact Us link, ring us on 07864 018610, or talk to any of our staff members. All applications will be considered but flexibility is beneficial.

Comments from our Parents

My children love the friendly staff, having a familiar face to greet them is so important.

My son gets so excited when we get ready to go to the club.

My son loved the sports activities, especially the Pool.

My child had a fantastic time, the staff are so enthusiastic about the activites they organise.

I like the fact that my children are safe and that they never want to come home.